White Collar Criminal Defense

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White Collar Criminal Defense


The White Collar Criminal Defense team at Lane & Waterman rigorously defends individuals, corporations and other business entities during government investigations and prosecutions alleging economic crimes and other financially-motivated wrongdoing.

In addition, we have a wealth of experience in guiding our clients through Grand Jury Subpoenas, Civil Investigative Demands, Search Warrants and other government demands and requests for information, while ensuring that the interests of our clients remain fully protected.

We are especially well-seasoned and highly skilled in defending matters under the False Claims Act and bank fraud statutes, disputes surrounding government contracts and a wide variety of conduct by corporate executives, managers and other personnel who find themselves under investigation for fraud, bribery, kickbacks, false statements, misappropriation, and other alleged business-related offenses.

We have considerable expertise in representing individuals faced with white collar criminal investigations and prosecutions concerning everything from tax matters to mortgage fraud, money laundering, mail fraud, environmental crimes and a host of other economic offenses.