Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers Approves Fellowship for Rob McMonagle and Ian Russell

mcmonagle_robert-b_thumbIan Russell Attorney At Law

Lane & Waterman partners Rob McMonagle and Ian Russell were unanimously approved as Fellows of the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers (IATL). The IATL is an invitation-only honor limited to 250 attorneys across the state who are selected by their peers and voted on by the Board of Governors. Rob and Ian join Lane & Waterman attorneys Bob Waterman and Jason O’Rourke as Fellows. Only 12 attorneys from Davenport are currently Fellows in the IATL.

Rob focuses primarily on civil defense claims, trying 34 jury trials throughout his 20 years at the firm. Ian’s practice focuses on commercial and civil litigation, trying 14 jury trials in his 11 years at the firm.

“We are pleased to welcome both Rob and Ian as Fellows, as their experience and dedication reflect the values and mission of the Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers,” Bob Waterman remarked. “Adding two additional attorneys from Lane & Waterman to the IATL speaks to the firm’s commitment and focus on exemplary trial practice.”


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