School and Higher Education Law


School and Higher Education Law


As a school leader, you know the day-to-day operations involve managing expectations for a complex set of parties—students, parents, faculty, staff, board members, volunteers, government and private agencies, and other organizations. We represent the interests of public and private school districts, area education agencies, and public and private colleges and universities in all matters associated with their operation. We assist school districts, colleges and universities to develop policies that govern their day-to-day operations, hiring and retention, finance, and all matters related to students, teachers, and staff.

Our attorneys provide counsel to clients for all issues governing school district day-to day operations, including:

  • Labor negotiations with public and private unions
  • Compliance with FERPA
  • Compliance and disputes concerning FOIA and open meetings statutes
  • Policy development, including Handbooks for faculty, staff, and students
  • Student discipline
  • Freedom of speech advice
  • Employment and union matters
  • School board policies, elections, and media relations
  • Board of Trustees policies, governance and media relations
  • Compliance with the ADA and ADAAA, and other accessibility issues
  • Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • All matters related to special education, including IDEA
  • Boundaries and redistricting
  • Finances and contracts
  • Contract bidding and other building-related matters
  • Real estate
  • Title IX compliance and disputes
  • Employment relationships and guidance regarding employee misconduct
  • Contractual matters, including severance agreements
  • Constitutional compliance and governance issues
  • FMLA and ADEA advice
  • Litigation and administrative matters