Jason O’Rourke and Grace Mangieri successfully defend local hospital

Jason O'Rourke, Grace Mangieri

Jason O’Rourke and Grace Mangieri successfully defended a local hospital in a medical malpractice lawsuit in which plaintiff alleged the hospital’s nurses were negligent in failing to timely communicate his deteriorating condition to the physicians, and for failure to appropriately monitor and provide timely care to the plaintiff. The plaintiff had undergone surgery for removal of a cancerous tumor of his colon, and had developed complications.  Plaintiff had sought $11 million in damages at trial against the hospital and co-defendant surgeons. Following two weeks of trial, Jason and Grace moved for a Directed Verdict for plaintiff’s failure to provide any evidence of wrongdoing or causation against the hospital.  The Court agreed and dismissed the hospital from the case. The jury subsequently found in favor of the co-defendant surgeons and against the plaintiff.

Jason J. O’Rourke joined the firm in 1998. His practice is almost entirely devoted to litigation and appeals. Jason has litigated complex construction cases through jury trials and arbitrations. He has also litigated a number of cases involving noncompetition agreements and post-employment restrictions. Finally, he has handled a variety of commercial and personal injury cases such as breach of contract, wrongful death and premises liability claims.

Grace E. Mangieri joined Lane and Waterman in January 2019.  She focuses primarily on litigation, and is involved in all stages of civil litigation defense.  Prior to joining Lane and Waterman, Grace practiced in Chicago serving as toxic tort National Coordinating Counsel for a leading product manufacturer, effectively managing and coordinating litigation defense strategy, including discovery, dispositive motion practice and trial workup for high indemnity jurisdictions.


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