Courtney Kay-Decker Reports to Congress, IRS regarding IRS Funding and Technology Needs

On June 23, 2021, Courtney Kay-Decker presented at the annual public meeting of the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (“ETAAC”).   The public meeting was held to present ETAAC’s recommendations to Congress and the IRS regarding tax administration, contained in the 2021 ETAAC Annual Report.  Courtney was quoted in Federal News Network, noting that appropriate IRS funding is necessary to address root cause technology challenges that create frustrations for taxpayers.   Courtney serviced as Vice Chair of ETAAC for its just-issued 2021 report, and is the Chairperson of ETAAC for its upcoming 2022 report. More details on the annual meeting can be found in this article from the Federal News Network.

Courtney Kay-Decker joined Lane & Waterman LLP in 1998 and rejoined the firm in 2019 after an eight-year hiatus leading the Iowa Department of Revenue.  Her experience in the public and private sectors informs her collaborative approach to the practice of law.  Her areas of practice include tax and administrative matters.  Her unique experiences in identity theft tax fraud prevention allow her to share “cyber hygiene” advice as well.


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