From the Mississippi to Mountaintop: Rob McMonagle Climbs Kilimanjaro

For seven days last month, Lane & Waterman partner Rob McMonagle traded his Mississippi river view for one half a world away as he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. As part of a larger expedition group, Rob hiked alongside 15 others to the 19,341 foot peak. The ascent took five and a half days.

When asked how he prepared for trip, he commented, “You can’t train for altitude, but you can work on cardio to improve endurance.”

The top of Kilimanjaro boasts temperatures in the teens, but also amazing views of nearby mountains and glacier ridges. Now back on the banks of the Mississippi in our downtown Davenport office, he is settling into “normal” altitude and weather, practicing law in the firm’s litigation and employment law groups.


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