Summer Associates Feature: Andrew Thompson

The firm’s Summer Associate program gives law students hands-on legal experience after their second year of law school. Summer Associates assist with current client matters, including drafting briefs and transactional documents, attending depositions, arbitration, and mediation sessions; attending client meetings; and observing courtroom practice. We sat down with each of them to learn more about their interests inside (and outside) the field of law. Our feature this week is Andrew Thompson.

Andrew Thompson
  1. What were your overall thoughts on your Summer Associate experience?
    • I think overall it was a great experience. Working with all of the other attorney’s and staff has made every day new as well as keeping things interesting even as the summer went on.
  2. How did your internship change or reinforce your approach to practicing law?
    • I approach law from more of a practical lens now. While law school has been great about teaching me how to approach legal issues and the fundamentals of law, most classes are focused on attacking the theory. Working at Lane & Waterman has helped pick up where school left off by opening my eyes to the practical applications of the theory I learned at school.
  3. What advice would you give to future summer associates joining Lane & Waterman?
    • I would tell a future summer law clerk to use the first week before you get busy to introduce yourself to everyone.
  4. What will you miss most about the Quad Cities when you’re back in school?
    • I am going to miss my parents the most! I am from the QC and I have been lucky enough to see them a ton this summer. Aside from that I will definitely miss eating at Me & Billy’s every week.


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