Summer Associate Introduction: Sean Jarvis

The firm’s Summer Associate program offers law students practical legal experience following their first and second years of law school. During this program, Summer Associates engage in active client matters, and assist by, among other things, drafting briefs and transactional documents; participating in depositions, arbitration, and mediation sessions; attending client meetings; and observing courtroom procedures. We took the opportunity to speak with each associate to learn about their interests both within and beyond the legal field. Last but not least is Sean Jarvis.

  • What inspired you to choose law as a career?
    • My experience through COVID, seeing how the economic impact of the pandemic influenced local businesses, led me to pursue a career in the legal field.
  • Tell us about a case you studied in law school that made a deep impact on you. Why did it resonate?
    • A case that resonates with me is Gall v. United States, because not only have I met the district court judge who passed the sentence that got appealed in Gall, I think that it is a great case that puts a great perspective on judicial scrutiny.
  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?
    • The best piece of advice that I have received is to look at someone’s claim or story in the most considerate light because it helps you connect with that individual and be a zealous advocate for their specific issue.
  • What is a non-legal hobby or interest you have that might surprise us?
    • I like do take part in a lot of outside activities such as hiking and camping, and I like being an at-home barista.
  • What is a book/podcast you’re into right now?
    • I like to listen to true crime and current legal events podcasts on Spotify.
  • Favorite Legal tv series or movie, preferred study snack, most used legal jargon:
    • My favorite legal tv series is Suits, followed by Law & Order, where I tend to snack on some sort of pastry that my fiancé baked recently. I tend to overuse the word “pursuant” when writing as a way to refer to legal authority.


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