Bob Waterman presents at Iowa State Bar Association Bench-Bar Panel

Robert Bob Waterman Attorney At LawLane & Waterman attorney, Bob Waterman, served on the Iowa State Bar Association’s Bench-Bar Conference Panel, “The Art of Today’s Trial—Techniques to Switch Up Your Game.”

Bob, a regular speaker on trial practice and technique,  commented, “While the number of cases going to trial each year may be decreasing,  the sophistication needed in the courtroom and the expectations of our judges and  juries has increased. Our presentation was designed to highlight proven techniques for successfully prosecuting or defending a case at trial in today’s legal environment.

The Bench-Bar Conference is a biennial event hosted by the Iowa State Bar Association, bringing together judges, judicial law clerks, and attorneys from across the state for professional development. It is a unique gathering in several ways, including everyone is on a first-name basis (no “Judge” this, or “Your Honor” that allowed) and casual dress. “It is a great opportunity for lawyers and judges of every level of experience to build relationships in a relaxed environment,” said Bob. This year’s conference brought a record attendance of 181 participants to the historic Hotel Blackhawk for the business activities, to the Figge Art Museum for a reception, and to downtown LeClaire for social activities


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