Lane & Waterman Successfully Defends City of Davenport and Alderman in Lawsuit Filed by Shenanigan’s Irish Pub and its Owner

Jason O’Rourke and Alex Barnett successfully defended the City of Davenport and Alderman Bill Boom in a lawsuit filed by Shenanigan’s Irish Pub, its owner and an employee relating to the suspension of Shenanigan’s liquor license between November 20, 2015 and January 9, 2016. Shenanigan’s, its owner and employee filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa alleging that the City and Alderman Boom violated their Constitutional rights to Due Process and Equal Protection. On March 5, 2019, the Court held a hearing on the City and Alderman Boom’s motions for summary judgment asking the Court to dismiss the case in its entirety. On March 6, the Court entered an Order granting the motions, holding that neither the City nor Alderman Boom violated any of Shenanigan’s or its owner’s Constitutional rights, dismissing all claims and directing that judgment be entered in favor of the City and Alderman Boom.

Click here to read the Court’s ruling.


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