Lane & Waterman LLP Named to PILI 2023 Pro Bono Recognition Roster

Lane & Waterman was recently recognized as one of 44 law firms and corporations named to the Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) 2023 Pro Bono Recognition Roster.

The Pro Bono Recognition Roster honors the commitments and contributions of law firms and corporations in Illinois that provide pro bono legal assistance to individuals, families, and communities in need. It recognizes those who have demonstrated a genuine dedication to serving the underrepresented and ensuring access to justice throughout the state.

To be recognized by PILI, law firms, and corporations must meet specific criteria based on pro bono services rendered by their Illinois offices in the previous year.

  • Demonstrating an average of 35 pro bono hours per legal professional in Illinois annually.
  • Achieving a 5% increase in pro bono hours from the previous year.
  • Ensuring that 60% or more of the firm’s Illinois attorneys actively participate in pro bono work.
  • Engaging in the Chicago Bar Foundation’s Law Firm Leadership Circle or signing one of PILI’s Judicial Circuit Pro Bono Committee Pro Bono Pledges.
  • Implementing innovative initiatives to involve more Illinois office(s) legal department staff in pro bono work or expanding the law firm’s pro bono program.

Lane & Waterman’s inclusion in the PILI 2023 Pro Bono Recognition Roster highlights the firm’s strong culture of service and its genuine desire to make a positive impact.

About the PILI: The Public Institute Law Initiative is advancing equal access to justice by connecting members of the legal community with those in need of legal assistance.


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