Five Questions with… Jeff Lang

Today is our second installment of “Five Questions with,” a series that features the attorneys of our firm each week. This week we sat down with Jeff Lang, a former United States Attorney and FBI Agent.

  1. What was your favorite class in law school? Constitutional Law
  1. What is the biggest challenge facing lawyers today? Keeping up with the wide breadth of information – factual, legal, and procedural – required to ensure we are as effective as we can possibly be in representing our clients.
  1. What advice would you give to young people aspiring to be lawyers? To recognize the need to do their absolute best in law school, that there are no shortcuts along the way, and that it is critical to seek and graciously accept advice from others not only in school but throughout their legal careers.
  1. What book are you reading right now? Bob Woodward’s The Last of the President’s Men.
  1. What do you do before 7 am every day? Read the news and have my morning coffee.

Learn more about Jeff and his white collar crime practice at


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