Five Questions with… Tim Gulbranson

Meet Tim Gulbranson, who we feature this week in honor of his upcoming wedding this weekend. Cheers, Tim!

  1. What made you want to become a lawyer? When I was a senior in High School, I was selected to serve as a Page in the Iowa Senate.  Observing lawmakers up-close and personal gave me a unique perspective of the legislative process and a deep appreciation of Iowa’s and the United States’ constitutions and laws.  Even during my years in the Air Force I never lost the desire to attend law school and become an attorney.
  2. What do you do for fun?  Listening to good, live music is probably my favorite thing to do.  Other than that, I like to run, read, and watch the Hawkeyes, Cubs, and Vikings.  Oh and if any of these activities can be done outside, all the better!
  3. What’s your favorite place in the Quad Cities?  It would have to be a tie between Redstone Room and Modern Woodman Park.
  4. Why have you chosen to focus on corporate law?  When I started law school I thought I wanted to pursue Constitutional Law because it was the only exposure I had to the legal process at the time.  But I kept an open mind and ended up naturally gravitating toward corporate and estate planning subjects in school and Lane & Waterman has given me the opportunity to pursue that area of the law.
  5. What do you think sets Lane & Waterman apart in terms of how we deliver value to clients?  Lane & Waterman’s structure is very client-friendly, not only from a value standpoint, but with regard to quality of work as well.  This is because, unless the client requests otherwise, work is distributed to those attorneys that have the expertise and passion for the type of matter or issue our clients ask us to resolve.  This allows a client’s issue to be handled by an attorney that is more efficient in that specific area of law, providing inherent value to the client.  Further, and just as important, it also allows the client peace-of-mind that the work product is top-notch because it is completed by an attorney that is an expert in the specific type of law.

Most of Tim’s practice is on our Estate Planning team, where he focuses on estate planning, probate and trust administration, and real estate. Learn more at


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