First Year Recap – Jonathan McGehee

It’s been nearly a year since our new associates, Victoria Biggerstaff and Jonathan McGehee, started with the firm and we sat down with them to learn more about:

  • Their overall experience as an early career law professional
  • Advice for a new associate before they start
  • Memorable moments from their first year
Jonathan McGehee

In what ways did your legal education prepare you for the practical aspects of practicing law, and where did you find gaps in your preparation?
In law school, I was lucky to gain exposure to a wide variety of intellectual property law areas, which has helped me quickly adapt to diverse client needs. However, law school tends to be theoretical. In actual practice, collecting and organizing facts is crucial for crafting a successful legal strategy. This demands a distinct skill set, including effective communication, meticulous attention to detail, and a strong sense of curiosity.

Reflecting on your first year, what advice would you give to law students or new attorneys entering the field?
Confidence is the result of experience. As a new lawyer, you’ll inevitably encounter unfamiliar or novel legal concepts. Have trust in the education you received and understand that each challenge you face builds your capability to manage other deals or disputes effectively. Have courage and do not hesitate to ask another attorney for advice; after all, that is what a firm is for.

Share a funny or memorable moment from your first year that still makes you laugh today.
A group of us attorneys took a trek up to the rooftop of our building to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse. From this vantage point, we had a perfect view of the pale shadow that fell over the Quad Cities, although I think we all anticipated a more dramatic darkening of the sky!

Jonathan L. McGehee joined Lane & Waterman in 2023. Jonathan primarily specializes in intellectual property, encompassing a diverse array of matters such as copyright, trademark, media law, licensing, mergers & acquisitions, start-ups, and commercial litigation.


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