Celebrating our Alma Maters: Drake University Law School

We celebrate the schools where our attorneys spent their time in law school. First up, Drake University Law School. Here’s what some of our Drake graduates had to say:

Douglas Doug Lindstrom Attorney At Law“I feel very fortunate to have joined Lane & Waterman to start my career. With the support of the firm, I was able to sample several areas of the law before settling on banking and bankruptcy. The culture supports collaboration, and I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues every day. Plus, the short partnership track together with the unique compensation system allows young people to see the benefits of partnership right away.” – Doug Lindstrom, ‘06


Andrea Mason“I am growing my practice at Lane & Waterman in many different areas.  I have the opportunity to work with accused defendants in criminal and white collar criminal matters, ranging from assault to tax matters.  I also practice civil litigation, including legal malpractice, real estate litigation, and many others.  Because we are on the border of two states and two federal circuits, Lane & Waterman provides an opportunity to learn and practice in Iowa, Illinois, 8th Circuit, and 7th Circuit courts.  Without the training and education I received at Drake, I would not have the foundation or confidence needed to be successful in this unique environment or in such a diverse practice group.” –Andrea Mason ‘13


Tim Gulbranson, attorney at law“While impossible to appreciate during law school, Drake Law’s emphasis on practical application has been invaluable, especially as a first-year associate.   Drake’s excellent Business Transactional and Estate Planning courses provided me the ability to hit the ground running and start counseling clients immediately.  Since graduating and starting my career at Lane & Waterman, my base of knowledge and confidence have increased exponentially.  Unique from many larger law firms, Lane & Waterman provides me the ability to build my client base and start counseling my own clients immediately, while providing a positive work environment and countless mentors in a wide-range of practice areas.  I look forward to a long and successful legal career thanks in no small part to Drake Law and Lane & Waterman!”  –Tim Gulbranson, ‘15


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