Celebrating Our Alma Maters: University of Iowa College of Law

Here’s what some of our Iowa College of Law graduates had to say about how their Hawkeye experience prepared them for work at Lane & Waterman.

Ian Russell Attorney At Law“The University of Iowa College of provided me the education, experience, and network that have formed the foundation of my professional career.  The professors and classes taught me fundamental law, but more importantly how to approach legal problems. My experiences outside the classroom, including writing for a journal, participating in moot court, and working at student legal services were invaluable. The people I met during law school started my professional network that is now nationwide for referrals, references, and mentors. Go Hawkeyes!” Ian Russell, ’05

Abbey Furlong“Iowa law strives to provide a collegial atmosphere for its students, which is somewhat unique in a setting that is often characterized by fierce competition and backbiting. I benefited tremendously from the positive culture Iowa law fosters and feel it contributed to my success in law school. Because of that experience, I actively sought out a firm that placed the same emphasis on collaboration, and I found that working environment I was looking for with Lane & Waterman. From my first moments with the firm, I have enjoyed mentorship from senior partners that enhanced my skills as a litigator and shaped my entire practice.” – Abbey Furlong, ‘10

Trista M. Beise“I am fortunate to begin my legal career as an associate at Lane & Waterman.  The firm offers an array of practice areas that will enable me to gain valuable experience to hone in on the area of law best suited for me.  My colleagues are willing to share their experience and knowledge, help me to refine my practice, further my career goals, and effectively serve our clients.  Located in the Quad Cities, Lane & Waterman has a large firm feel with small town ideals.  This, coupled with the legal education I received at Iowa Law, provides me a confidence that I will enjoy a long and successful career at Lane & Waterman.”– Trista Beise, ‘15



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